Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

Are you thinking about founding or joining a startup? I'm looking for a technical co-founder to write the next chapter.

I have worked on B2B SaaS based Ruby on Rails apps and a few mobile and server side apps since 2009. I've also been an active advisor to consumer web and mobile startups with exits. I'm very technical and do some coding, but I'm better at playing the business, design and marketing parts and want to join forces with someone more technical (ideally someone who is also interested in the business part since this is the early stages).

From a technology perspective, I would ideally like to join forces with someone comfortable working with someone who has a Ruby on Rails background and some Python and CS experience, or with someone with a Python/CS/Django background.

For someone early in their career, the Ruby vs. Python is less experience than having thrived and survived 2-3 years of a sufficiently balanced and rigorous CS program. Someone later in their career should probably feel comfortable reading advanced academic papers. If that isn't you, feel free to reach out too - just be a strong coder, I'm not looking for a PM.

This as much a call for someone who has the ability to imagine what is possible and how to do it as it is a call for someone who can join me in building an app.

Some experience with Swift or React, or maybe Angular, would be a plus for prototyping purposes. My mobile experience has been with Swift, but React or Angular would work too.

The compensation proposed at this stage is co-founder equity with vesting, not check. Depending on how things play out a new business entity could be created to encapsulate this effort.

I prefer someone local to or a days drive from Atlanta, but I would consider someone remote who is in the US and who would not mind showing up for future public or private pitch meetings or events.