Jar House

Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

[No remote candidates please, we are only interested in hiring people in the Atlanta area or that are interested in relocating here.]

We are looking for someone with strong PHP skills and prior experience with Sugar or Suite CRMs to take over the continued development of a SuiteCRM application. The CRM will be used to define and automate processes in our office as well as supply metrics which we will use to guide us in making them more efficient.

We have a complex workflow that begins with an automated valuation service importing property listings into SugarCRM. This triggers a series of steps through our various departments like "offers", "closings", "rehab", etc. We want to have every step occur inside of SugarCRM and be monitored.

Our custom requirements for SugarCRM will require coding in PHP and most likely javascript as well. You will interact with our AVM through our API built in Ruby on Rails.

Jarhouse is a real estate company based in Sandy Springs, GA. We buy and sell 50-60 houses every month. Our goal in the upcoming years is to expand our operation nationally. This work in SugarCRM is vital to our ability to accomplish the expansion. Although our tech team is small now, technology is at the core of our future business and the team will grow accordingly.