Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

Social Media Manager

Quick Overview of Role:

Working Directly with the VP of Content, the Media Manager will be responsible for creating, distributing, and promoting the kind of highly relevant, valuable content necessary to attract, acquire, and engage our target audience based on the strategy set forth by the VP of Content and CMO.

Strategizing with the VP of Content and CMO on what content the company is going to create and at what intervals
Enforcing the company’s editorial standards across media
Continuously improving content creation processes
Ensuring a content distribution strategy is organized and executed
Utilizing social media and other marketing channels to promote content, including the management of hootsuite and/or other automation tools
Optimizing content for search engines
Maintaining an editorial calendar
Recording a variety of metrics to measure the effectiveness of our content, and presenting the results to leadership
Ensuring that the content that’s being created is helping to drive ultimate business goals

Skills and Experience:
A Media Manager typically has at least 2+ years of experience in marketing, communications, and/or publishing or other editorial roles. People in this role need to be problem solvers who are able to juggle a lot of different tasks at one time. They also need to be leaders, planners, and strategic thinkers, who can wear a lot of different hats. They might need to be a blogger today, a podcaster tomorrow, or a videographer the next day. No matter what they might be doing on any given day, they’re also the ones responsible for helping leadership make decisions about what our company should be focusing on from a content perspective.