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About Indiez:

The software is eating the world. Every day there's a new dent in the universe... a new tech product that changes how things are done. However, If you look closely most of the products are not market standards and give a far worse experience than the leading once. The world needs better products!
Most of the businesses struggle to build quality software. This is because hiring is costly and outsourcing to IT development shops gives a substandard quality. There's no mission-driven work anywhere in most IT cos.
IT outsourcing is a $450 Bn Industry. Although being such a gigantic industry, it is highly fragmented and commoditized as well.
On the other side, There's a great amount of amazing talent that is underutilized or is badly matched. Most of the talent is rotting in office while thinking about making that trip to satisfy their wanderlust. Where's freedom and fulfillment?

Indiez is going to become the world’s engineering department powering digital products via services or SaaS and touching a Billion+ lives.
Indiez is a hassle-free and reliable platform for businesses to get high-quality software built. We take projects and delivers them via our network of top class software talent and agencies. Fulfillment is guaranteed by Indiez.
We have helped brands like Uber, Domino's, Mckinsey and Company, Aditya Birla, Make my Trip and many such esteemed companies build amazing products. We’ve been featured in TechCrunch and was awarded as top 5 startups in India by TechinAsia.

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We are looking for candidates with experience in strategizing, implementing and handling all the social media activities. Basically, he/she would be running the entire show when it comes to social media.

Job Responsibilities

• Overseeing all company social media accounts management and enhancing the social presence.
• Developing, engaging, creative, innovative content for regularly scheduled posts, which enlighten audiences and promote brand-focused messages.
• Coordinating social media messaging with the marketing team
• Coordinating with social media team members, including copywriters and other content creators.
• Analyzing social media campaigns with tracking systems to gather visitor data and determine efficacy and areas for social media campaign improvement
• Working with other departments to develop social media timelines
• Running other ad-hoc contests and campaigns on social media as and when required.

Qualifications and Skills

Extensive Knowledge of Social Media Platforms, -Web Proficiency, Computer Software Proficiency, -Content Creation, Public Relations and Brand Marketing Experience, -Proofreading and Editing Skills, -Interpersonal Skills, Strong Verbal and Written Communication Skills.

Perks of working with Indiez

Opportunity to have your name written in the history by changing the world. You’ll be changing the most central thing to this world - “Work”.
Indiez is 100% remote. That means you’ll be remote as well. Work from anywhere - beaches, mountains, cafe or from your home
Choose your own work timings, no time tracking.
Paid vacations of up to 30 days every year.
Healthcare benefits crafted for your country.
Paid access to co-working space or one-time home office setup reimbursement.
Company-wide offsite which happens in a new country every year.

If you think you are a great fit please apply here