Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

When you strip away the layers of a modern company you find two fundamental things at its core: employees and customers. You will be directly responsible for the success of our customers.

You will be the face of this company, the ambassador of our embassy with guests ranging from Fortune 500 executives to industry-defining entrepreneurs.

You will be a thought leader, consultant, problem solver, politician, drill instructor, product specialist and therapist. You are a Customer Success Manager.


A Customer Success Manager’s prime directive is to build and leverage customer relationships to ensure customers get the most value from Ambition’s platform. A Customer Success Manager (CSM) should view themselves as consultant, product specialist and customer advocate. A CSMs primary measures of success are Customer Health & Time-to-Value, followed by Account Awareness and Customer Retention.


A CSM will coach customers to use Ambition to add even more value to their business. They serve as a product consultant on the Ambition platform and answer technical questions. They build strong relationships with Champions inside customer organizations. Those relationships are maintained throughout the customer lifecycle and are the primary channel value is delivered through.

Product Specialist:

A CSM coaches customers through product onboarding and implementation of improvement initiatives. They also manage escalated issues to resolution, implementation of product feedback and any other topics that arise. They do so in a transparent manner to ensure the utmost degree of clarity and communication at all times, both for customer champions and stakeholders within Ambition.

Customer Advocate:

A CSM will serve as the primary voice of the customer, internally within Ambition’s product and business teams. They will be the primary point of contact, and funnel of all communication, ensuring all customer conversations happen with the benefit of all available context. They will be responsible for representing the customer’s interests and raise concerns if internal decisions and initiatives will put a customer at risk.

Quarterly Reviews:

The key inflection point for CSMs will be quarterly review meetings with the customer, where both Ambition stakeholders and customer stakeholders will meet to review a joint presentation from the CSM & Customer Champion that covers the high points of the previous quarter.


The onboarding period is critical to building strong relationships and resilient implementation. CSMs are measured on the time it takes a customer to start getting value back from the Ambition platform.

Health,Time-to-Value, Retention & Account Awareness (Zero-Surprises):

CSMs will be held accountable to customer health and retention metrics. These metrics are designed to help focus a CSMs efforts into initiatives that will primarily make a customer healthy, faster.

Healthy customers get value from Ambition's platform. In any customer environment, circumstances beyond our control exist. In these cases, a CSMs performance will not be determined by their inability to control factors outside of our influence, but instead on how well Ambition was informed of those factors. Through the Champion relationships, CSMs will elevate risks, early and often.