Startup Location: Atlanta, GA delivers the world’s best sales leads. Maximize revenue, increase sales and acquire your total addressable market instantly using artificial intelligence. Join thousands of companies who are generating hundreds of millions for free at is scaling our world-class Sales Development Team to help acquire new customers. Sales Development Representatives are responsible for finding, qualifying, and setting new customers demos for the Senior Sales Team to pitch and close.

SDR Future At

As a Sales Development Representative at, you will develop sales automation knowledge through mentorship and our sales training program. All of our SDR’s are on a defined promotional track to an Account Executive outside sales position within 12 - 24 months. Promotion is all merit-based based on the amount of appointments booked and held.

Sales Development Representative Responsibilities:

• Develop and execute on cold calling, emailing and social selling campaigns to book new appointments with our ideal customers.
• Schedule and book qualified outbound sales opportunities and develop a strong demo pipeline for Account Executives via phone, email and social selling communications.

• Add 50 - 100 new sales leads to Salesforce CRM every day

• Make 100 - 200 sales calls, emails and social touches to book hot new appointments every day

• Book 10 new appointments every day for the account executive team, over 220 new sales demo appointments a month

• Meet weekly and monthly booked appointment and qualified opportunity goals to ensure company revenue objectives are exceeded

• Complete advanced sales training certifications

• Empower and assist leading Fortune 1000 companies with using the newest most revolutionary sales leads technology

• Learn and maintain in-depth knowledge of the technology, industry trends, and competition

Ideal Experience:

• Bachelor's degree with a strong academic background required

• Hard work ethic and highly coachable to learn how to become the best in sales

• Passion for technology and possess a high level of integrity

• Strong communication, analytic, and listening skills, with a positive approach

• Self-starter and hardworking, with a track record of success and drive for achievement

• Sales training, pre-call planning and software experience is a plus

How To Apply: Apply here using Linkedin

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