Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

Looking for an opportunity to work on a funded, small team of seasoned, experienced and focused developers, lawyers and business specialists?

CaseBasis is a new startup that's building a communication mobile app for law firms to interface with their clients. At the heart of the app is messaging. From there, everything extends outward, offering additional functionality.

CaseBasis was formed almost 2 years ago. There are currently 5 people in the company. You would be the 3rd developer on the team. Joining a lead backend developer, another frontend developer and a CTO on the technical side. You would be responsible for developing the mobile applications with React Native, as well as the React web app. In addition, you'd be responsible for any other frontend clients that are needed by the company, such as an admin portal, marketing pages, etc.

Additional duties may involve traditional frontend work (HTML, CSS, vanilla JS) as well as Electron development.

This is a full-time opportunity only. We're open to remote work, with a preference for relocation or location within the greater Atlanta area (company office is in Augusta, GA). Experience with React is a requirement and React Native experience is a plus. No requirement on the number of years experience. However, you will be working on a team of experienced people with deep domain knowledge. Expectation is that there is not a lot of training required for this position. You should be able to hit the ground running.

Salary depends on experience. Expect average regional market rate. Equity opportunities are also available. Full package is to be determined during hiring process.