Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

*insert meme here*

Memeois is an AI-driven dedicated meme platform! 😮 We are growing fast with ~90k active users and over 16 million recorded interactions. As we get to our next milestone we are looking for more awesome people like you to join us in the meme revolution.

What are we looking for?

✅ Prior experience with Ruby on Rails for web applications. *think, are you confident, that I can get anything done in a RoR web app*

✅ Prior experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) stack for building web applications, deploying, data storage and management.

✅ *Know* SQL database and don't drop table users;

✅ +++ if you know training / implementing ML models

Job Duties

- You'll be working on the production server (bonus points if you can make things get on "it's intern season"

- Working through a dev-ops process and making things be the right way, "you know it if you know it"

- Lead 1-2 backend developers to maintain project speed and *very fast* deadlines

- Manage, build and optimize RESTful APIs that empower frontend

Drop us a line at [email protected] if you're interested. Competitive pay and/or equity option.