Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

*insert meme here*

Memeois is an AI-driven dedicated meme platform! 😮 We are growing fast with ~90k active users and over 16 million recorded interactions. As we get to our next milestone we are looking for more awesome people like you to join us in the meme revolution.

What are we looking for?

✅ Prior experience with building Machine Learning models, cleaning & gathering datasets for training.

✅ Know how to work with Neural Networks (CNN) and building NLP models (memes are a language)

✅ *Know* recommendation models and how not to give consciousness for the rise of AI

✅ +++ if you know AWS stack, to assist integrating your work with the backend.

Job Duties

- You'll be working on our recommendation system, to predict what memes one might like

- Image Processing and Indexing with third-party integrations and/or custom solution to tag and understand memes

- Language Processing to make AI learn memes 👀

Drop us a line at [email protected] if you're interested. Competitive pay and/or equity option.