Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

Starsona is changing the way people celebrate everyday moments by enabling people to purchase personalized, one-of-a-kind video greetings, announcements, and Q&As from their favorite stars – whether they are athletes, music & movie stars, astronauts, or their favorite YouTuber.

We are looking for a Head of Sales & Business Development to lead our push for acquiring Stars onto the platform. This is an amazing opportunity to join a growing company at the most senior leadership level.

Aside from the typical Head of Sales & Business Development stuff, the Head of Sales & Business Development for Starsona needs to have 3 key skills:

1) Know how to manage a large number of contractors & referrers. Starsona has an atypical customer acquisition model, driven by connectors in micro-categories. You need to love being a “connector of connectors”, and know how to motivate (and keep disciplined) a large group of people who are not direct employees of the company.

2) Know how to manage and effectively use a CRM system. Due to the “connector of connectors” aspect to the role, effective use of a CRM system to prevent overlap is an absolute must. You need to be the kind of sales & business development leader who appreciates data. This isn’t the primary focus (see #1), but is important.

3) Know how to be a business leader in addition to a sales & business development leader. We have a small, tight leadership team, and we all own the business.