Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

Starsona is changing the way people celebrate everyday moments by enabling people to purchase personalized, one-of-a-kind video greetings, announcements, and Q&As from their favorite stars – whether they are athletes, music & movie stars, astronauts, or their favorite YouTuber.

We are looking for a Head of Engineering to lead our engineering efforts and build upon our existing code base and infrastructure to drive growth and scalability. This is an amazing opportunity to join a growing company at the most senior leadership level.

Aside from the typical Head of Engineering stuff (know how to translate corporate and product vision into effective engineering plans, know how to design and build scalable architecture and systems, etc.), the Head of Engineering for Starsona needs to have 3 key skills:

1) Know how to manage an outsourced engineering organization in such a way that they feel like they're part of the company. We are serious about outsourcing, and strive to be our outsourced partner’s best client.

2) Know how to, and have the willingness, to do some programming themselves. We’re a start-up, so everyone is hands-on. This isn’t the primary focus (see #1), but is important.

3) Know how to be a business leader in addition to an engineering leader. We have a small, tight leadership team, and we all own and have a vested interest in the success of the business.