Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

2ULaundry is hiring an experienced Growth Marketing Manager to join our rapidly growing Marketing Team. In this role, you will be responsible for driving revenue growth through customer acquisition. You will be obsessed with optimizing a variety of digital and offline marketing channels including social, search, content marketing, display, retargeting, video, event, referral, and ambassador. You will also be comfortable with A/B testing, possess strong analytical skills, and have a relentless focus on consumer behavior to develop high performance campaigns. We’re looking for a roll-up-your-sleeves operator who is insane about delivering measurable results and thrives at the intersection of data, creativity, and scalability.

You’re as comfortable with copywriting as you are digging deep into analytics and conversion rates. You should have hands-on experience developing, planning, launching, and analyzing marketing campaigns, and a mastery of marketing KPIs like CPA, CAC, ROI, and LTV. Like us, you should be customer-focused and brand-obsessed, curious about new ways to reach prospective customers and turn them into high-LTV customers.

If you choose to accept this mission, you will work with some of the most hardworking and curious growth, retention, analytics, brand, and product team members at any consumer services company in the Southeast. You will be a crucial part of the organization and drive massive consumer growth. What you get out of it: a truly unique experience working in the consumer services industry that is about to explode. You will be a pioneer in scaling a service that is making its way into mass adoption. Get ready to scale your career. If this sounds exciting (and challenging) to you, then read on!

A successful Growth Manager will:
• Be an owner of our biggest, most important growth functions including paid social + search, email acquisition marketing, OOH, local/events, brand ambassadors, referral, and more. That can sometimes mean (fun!) weekend work
• Find opportunities for organic or viral acquisition whether that is collaborating with our product team, leveraging our CRM, utilizing SEO, creating viral giveaways, etc.
• Tackle the biggest problems to continue scaling our acquisition playbook– anything from growth channel discovery or expansion to A/B testing and guerilla marketing
• Assist in the management of 2ULaundry’s Local Partner and Brand Ambassador marketing program that will reinforce 2ULaundry’s goal of leveraging like services or customer advocates to grow our user base
• Successfully arbitrage LTV to CAC by optimizing the entire funnel, not just acquiring users but the right users
• Leverage promotions and communications (CRM and on-site messaging) to maximize and fine tune the funnel. These can be the largest drivers of conversion across our tools.
• See the big picture by reporting on core metrics for all funnel activity and analyzing campaign performance to drive improvements
• Roll up your sleeves and execute. You will start with a team of zero, execute to earn your stripes, automate and then quickly expand your responsibilities
• Work with our data team to create dashboards and leverage data in order to solve problems–if you can measure something you can improve it. Experience with Google Suite or Periscope Data is a plus.
• Create a hypothesis and test them with statistical rigor--quickly. This could be anything from improving the signup funnel to building a better referral program.
• Disclaimer: this role is focused initially on paid acquisition but not limited to it. If you are great at organic acquisition, brand ambassadors, or influencer marketing, then we want you to scale that too.