Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

As a Front-end Developer at Rockerbox, you will be part of a team creating the front end for a next generation analytics platform. We are building a modern analytics application incorporating data visualizations, forms & tables and interactive graphs. Our stack is all JavaScript (with a mix of ES6) and D3 core libraries, running on modern desktop browsers (IE9+) and mobile devices.

- Bring UI mockups to life using JavaScript and React
- Create interactive data visualizations using D3/SVG/Canvas
- Analyze and optimize app performance
- Resolve UI bugs, ensure scalability, and eradicate security vulnerabilities

- You love to develop software
- Comfortable working independently or within a small team
- Have a deep understanding of JavaScript, HTML, CSS
- Familiar with web application frameworks such as Backbone, Angular, Ember, - React andunderstand good UI design
- Eager to learn and use new technologies and libraries