Direct Farm

Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

Direct Farm is currently developing its core development team and looking for ambitious, trustworthy and dedicated team players with proven track-record to join as co-founder. We are looking to team up with a developer to complete the product for initial pitch to our seed-level investors.

You will be part of an ambitious project to connect farm to consumers in a broad scale. The upside of this partnership is excellent with high potential to exit in few years as the product would be a market fit for big players to be acquired.

The specific position we are looking for should have the following qualification:

Basic Qualifications 
• Degree in Computer Science or related field, technical experience as software developer, or related role 
• Development experience in consumer-focused companies 
• Excellent problem solver 
• Experience developing in at least one of Java, C++, Python, or JavaScript

Preferred Qualifications 
• Knowledge of streaming media protocols, technologies and standards for live & smooth streaming.
• Experience developing media applications or frameworks. 
• Experience in developing e-commerce platform 
• Experience with AR/VR
• Good knowledge of Android / iOS design guidelines. 

No salary payment is anticipated for the period of July to Sept to complete the prototype and attract traction. After that, funding will be secured through investors.