Specrom Analytics

Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

We are looking for 2-3 data science interns who wants to join a dynamic team and actively contribute to real world projects in area of text analytics.

The most important requirement is willingness to learn about different technological stacks, and someone who can not only train a simple naive bayes classifier with Tf-idf classifier but also can get their hands dirty on a bidirectional LSTM with word embeddings. Obviously, we dont mind actively mentoring an intern and helping them make sense of it all, but the intern has to be self motivated and curious enough to read the assigned papers and other resources.

We like our interns to get something tangible out of the learning experience, and hence we require that they write six informative blog posts in the 12 week period, it could be tutorials, replications of papers etc. However, they need to be at a high enough quality to be published at an external blog such as towards data science, analytics vidhya etc.

Please attach links to your github or blogposts to showcase your current work.