Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

CommonGenius is looking for an enthusiastic, thoughtful, and highly motivated problem solver passionate about creating an innovative expert experience and building strong relationships with our expert community. You will be the gateway to our community, in charge of vetting applications to be a CommonGenius expert, performing research and due diligence, and helping experts with their profiles. You will also be the front line liasion to any expert or expert applicant who needs help applying to or succeeding on the CommonGenius platform. You are patient and able to explain things well and clearly to others. You adapt well to any situation, and have a special talent at diffusing tense situations. You are excited at the prospect of working with a fast growing , game changing tech startup, and at the potential to grow within the company. You are great at managing up, and separating things into clearly defined, doable tasks. You are extremely efficient. You should be a ‘people person’ with great customer service skills and the ability to moderate online and offline conversations with our community. You are happy to join in on other tasks when needed. You are a positive person with a solid taste for humor. You are a stellar writer and editor.

- Assist with community events across the country
- Drive a successful experience for the expert community, a high level community of seasoned professionals from across the globe
- Manage our Facebook community, interacting regularly with experts, starting conversations, commenting on posts, and sharing our content and other relevant content to the group
- Vet applications for the expert community
- Edit profiles, slide decks, blogs, copy edit as needed
- Perform research on partnerships, A list experts, and expert applicants
- Assist with webinar series
- Keep track of the experts coming in the door and create a system to organize them for easy reference in the future
- Recommend and keep track of product adjustments and needs based on expert feedback
- Assist at conferences and trade shows, keeping everything organized and on schedule

Outstanding communication skills
Stellar organizational skills
Terrific writer and editor
Accommodating and helpful personality
College Degree
1-3 years work experience

Location: Washington, DC. Please, no west coast applicants unless you're willing to relocate to the east coast.

Compensation: 40-45K DOE

About CommonGenius:

CommonGenius is an international expert community that helps professionals overcome complex challenges in and out of the office.

We passionately believe in greatness beyond your circumstances. CommonGenius’ knowledge marketplace boasts thousands of consultants, trainers, and mentors with more than 5000 unique specialities, from financial accounting to nuclear physics. Our users make better decisions and meet the right people to accelerate their careers, businesses, and lifestyle ambitions — making truly premium contact and mentorship accessible.