Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

- About the position -

From our first interaction with a guest to checkout and beyond, we’re here to help. We’ve hand crafted the entire travel experience to make our guests feel like they’re working with a trusted friend to reserve an amazing property, feel welcome when they arrive and experience local culture. Come help us innovate the travel experience!

- Primary communication point for current, upcoming and potential guests. (Primarily over Airbnb)
- Communicates with turnover/cleaning service provider on a daily basis. (Primarily in Slack)
- Documents, organizes, schedules, tracks, and resolves property issues on a daily basis. (Primarily in Trello)
- Sets up & coordinates property upkeep & maintenance services with service providers as needed. (Primarily over phone)
- Coordinates with warehouse manager to ensure we have the proper inventory of supplies on a daily basis. (Primarily on Amazon)
- Inspects properties each week, documents findings, and comes up with solutions for frequent issues. (Primarily in person)
- Oversees and manages the warehouse team, turnover team, and support team on a daily basis. (Primarily in Slack)
- Creates reports on a monthly basis of market performance statistics and brings ideas to the table on how we can improve. (Primarily in Excel/Numbers/Sheets)
- Oversees and manages guest communications and handles personally if no support agents are available. (Primarily over phone/text)
- Identifies, recommends and coordinates services and products that enhance experience for guests. (Primarily via Messaging apps)
- Helps setup and coordinate new properties and listings. (Primarily in person)

- Must be willing to go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction.
- Must be willing to talk to customers over the phone and communicate in a professional manner.
- Must be obsessed with details and not willing to take shortcuts.
- Must be capable of multi-tasking and dealing with many things at once.
- Must be willing to coordinate with service providers and execute on issues.
- Must have strong communication skills and be responsive quickly.
- Must be self-driven, autonomous and not in need of constant direction.
- Must have strong problem-solving skills and be proactive in solving problems vs. reactive.
- Must be local city expert and understand guests have differing areas of interest.

- Handy and able to make small repairs themselves.
- Active Realtor license in state of North Carolina.
- Current Airbnb host or other hospitality background.
- Understand and follow social media trends.
- Previous management experience.

-What We Do-
Rabbu Inc. operates at the crossroads of technology, home automation, and the short-term rental hospitality industry (Airbnb). What initially started off as management of a few short-term rental properties has evolved into an obsession for providing guests with the best possible travel experience (aided by technology) while making the process of hosting as painless as possible.

Our technology enhances the guest experience by providing comforts such as secure access, in-unit concierge and top of the line entertainment while minimizing the effort and increasing the revenue/profits for hosts. A true win-win for all.

Come join Rabbu and helps us re-shape the way we all travel the world!

-Who We Are-
A team consisting of self-made and self-taught entrepreneurs with previous start-up exit experience.

We are problem solvers. We are proactive and hate being reactive. We look at challenges as opportunities and not as problems. We like to work hard. We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty if that's what it takes. We are innovators and outside-the-box thinkers. We are driven and passionate to be successful.

-Our Philosophy-
We are built on a culture of autonomy, understanding and freedom of expression.

You won't find any micromanagement in our office. We want to work with people for whom we would work for. Everyone at Rabbu is empowered to make decisions that they believe are in the best interest of the company. No second-guessing mistakes, just lessons learned. Our team is dedicated and works hard but we encourage and often require time-off to be taken.

When it comes to our customers, we live by the mantra of "how would you like to be treated in their situation". We understand that things happen that are out of our customers control so we will do everything possible to make the situation right even if the outcome is not ideal or economical for us. Our believe is that in the long-term, those initial sacrifices will more than payback for themselves.