Data Union

Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

Data Union helps stars own and monetize their audience data.

Everyone is making money off of stars’ data except them. Data Union turns 1st party data into a monetizable and tradable asset for athletes, eSports stars and Hollywood stars. This generates new revenue from an asset they’ve never before been able to monetize.

We provide a dashboard that allows media buyers to buy the first-party data that our platform has gathered and curated for these influencers.

We work with the biggest names in sports and entertainment and will be heroes to them as well as to media buyers searching for higher-quality ad targeting data.

We are expanding our team in Atlanta and are looking for a talented senior full-stack developer with some ad-tech experience as our CTO who can help us create the product roadmap and can be hands-on in getting us to a minimum viable product.

You will be joining the company at the ground floor. We are just starting and need someone who wants to put in the hard work and wear the many hats required to get a startup off the ground.

Are you our next hire?

We are looking for a master full-stack developer who can help us build a platform that will scale quickly. Once we get going, your system will be getting millions of hits so you need to be experienced in building scalable systems from the start. You will shape our back-end infrastructure to support our ambitious business goals and create a beautiful front-end that delights our clients and partners. Our similar company, which exited last year, used Python, Node.js and React, but the choice of tools you use is up to you.
You feel intrigued about developing new systems from scratch with no legacy code and are motivated by finding solutions to non-standard challenges in the ad-tech space. You are comfortable owning the entire product development and having the future of the company in your hands.

What you'll be doing:

-Work with the Founder and the COO to design the product.
-Take ownership of the entire development process. You may outsource components that you are not an expert at, but we expect you to be contributing the majority of the code.
-Test, revise, retest as we build the product.
-Optimize code and refactor when needed
-Plan and implement scalable and stable solutions
-Be obsessive about documenting your code
-Report any issues you encounter and communicate risks in an early stage
-Enthusiasm for keeping yourself up to date on current topics on the field of front and backend development

What's required?
-Maturity to take ownership of the entire software development process
-6+ years of experience in full-stack development
-Experience in ad-tech or programmatic advertising
-Knowledge of implementing distributed ledger (blockchain) technology
-Good understanding of relational databases
-Strong execution skills with experience in running projects independently
-Passion for solving non-standard challenges and coming up with fantastic solutions
-Focus on efficiency, user experience
-Attracted to risky, fast-paced startup environments with the chance for a high payoff

About Data Union:
We’re a passionate team of entrepreneurs and techies who have global experience building tech startups. We value honesty, integrity, hard work, and above all, getting things done. We work hard and we play hard. You will be judged on your output as an employee, not your input.

Our business is helping people take control of their data and monetize it. We believe this will cause a shift in the entire advertising landscape and we want to stay on the forefront of it.

What's in it for you?

You'll be getting in on the ground floor of a disruptive startup. You will be employee #3.

You can help us create a corporate culture that makes it fun for us and our future colleagues to come to work.

You'll find an informal entrepreneurial startup working environment.

We believe work is something you do, not a place. We are flexible in where you want to work from. We just need to see you often to occasionally, depending on where we are in the company-building process.

You’ll be learning constantly and no two days will be alike.

You be given stock options on a vesting schedule and will be treated like a co-founder.

We will compensate you competitively. We want you to be able to focus on work, not your bills.