Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

As a part of the operations team, you will be tasked with making sure the business is executing well, establishing systems and processes to improve our ability to deliver value to our customers.


● Help build/refine/scale processes across departments
● Own and improve initiatives that help our team do work faster and more collaboratively
● Investigate business problems that may increase revenue or decrease costs. Here are some examples of those problems:
● Increasing customer LTV / upsell potential
● Decreasing cost of content production
● New lead generation channels, e.g. channel sales
● Developing marketing and sales ops
● Building a content acquisition process
● Customer churn analysis
● Provide data products to power content and business analysis internally or for our customers

This might be a great opportunity for you if you:

● Love using data
● Like to be challenged across a variety of business problems
● Are analytical and rigorous
● Jazzed about designing and building scalable systems
● Enjoy developing collaborative relationships with technical and non technical peers
● Have experience working on SaaS products
● Get things done fast

Skills that may be useful:

● Proficiency in Excel for data analysis
● Working knowledge of SQL
● Familiarity with a scripting language, like Python
● Have used automation like Zapier or IFTTT

If you aren’t familiar with all of the above, you are interested in learning.