Startup Location: Atlanta, GA

We fancy ourselves as different from other fast-growing startups, yet we all make the same claims: smart people, a unique culture, and the ambition to have a big impact. Even so, we’re confident you’ll find FullStory to be a pretty special company.
As an early member of a revenue-producing Account Executive team, here are some of the things we think you should know before taking the leap:

Our market is unlimited. Despite the best efforts of smart people and countless dev tools, it’s still really hard to deliver an amazing customer experience. We (and our customers) believe that FullStory can uniquely bridge that gap, which makes it really fun to sell.
The big names are calling us, and the product is ready. Bring it on. But…we never say “how high?” when someone tells us to jump. We don’t build features to win deals. We focus on building features that customers actually need and love rather than trying to win a checkbox-checking competition.
We’re well-funded, we’re good stewards of our resources, and we care about revenue – that’s where you come in.
Bionics over brawn. You’ll be expected to scale revenue in ways that exceed the capacity of a traditional human.
You won’t have a full-time sales engineer. We want prospects to know that when they talk to our AEs, they’re talking to experts.
We’re humble. (Is it a paradox to brag about that?) We’re focused. And entitlement isn’t in our DNA.
It’s okay to challenge everything above and ask us to prove ourselves to you. That’s actually just the type of person we like to hire. That said, the kool-aid is delicious.

To apply for this job email your details to [email protected]